How To Get Your Residential Roof Ready For Spring


During the spring months, heavy periods of rain can cause leaks to spring if your roof is already in rough shape. Unfortunately, winter can be brutal on your roof, meaning it may not be ready to deal with the moisture that will soon be falling on it. Taking the time to prepare your roof for spring can help to decrease the chances of roofing problems related to spring. Here are a few ways to get your residential roof ready for spring.

24 December 2017

Three Main Ways To Confirm Skylight Water Leaks


If you have a skylight, then you should know that the risk of roof water leaks is higher on and around the skylight as compared to other parts of the roof. Therefore, if you suspect that your roof is leaking water, the skylight should be one of the first areas to check. Here are three methods you can use for the diagnosis: Indoor Inspection Inspecting the ceiling around the skylight should give you water leak clues, if there is a leak.

12 December 2017

3 Reasons To Consider Foam Roofing


Foam roofing is a great option for just about any type of structure that you can think of, typically because it can make most structures more energy efficient and more resistant to water damage. Listed below are just three of the many reasons to consider foam roofing: It Can Provide Greater Insulation Than Other Roofing Materials One of the biggest benefits of installing foam roofing on your home or other types of structures is that it can provide greater insulation than many other roofing materials.

2 December 2017

Ask Your Roofing Contractor About The Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof On Your Vacation Home


If you're renovating a home in the country to use as a getaway on weekends and summers, then you'll want to use building materials that offer added protection while you're away. For instance, when it comes to a new roof, you'll have several options for materials, but if you want something that needs little maintenance and adds superior protection, you may want to talk to a roofing contractor about choosing metal.

18 November 2017

How To Fix Your Gutter And Fascia Board


Are you going to replace your gutters? If so, the job is a little more complicated than your might think. You can just take down your old gutters and screw a new gutter in place. Usually, when you pull off your old gutter you will immediately realize that some extra work needs to be done. Most importantly, you often need to reinforce, repair, or at least repaint the fascia board before you can replace the gutter.

9 November 2017

4 Great Roofing Options


Want to give the exterior of your house and amazing facelift? If you're ready to invest in a major home upgrade, updating your roof is a great decision. A new roof will have a number of great benefits on your property. Besides making your home more energy efficient, a new roof will completely change the style and redefine your home. Of course, you need to consider the best products for your budget, style, and climate.

26 October 2017

Beyond Energy Efficiency: Other Considerations When Choosing The Color Of A Roof


You have probably heard that bright roofing colors encourage energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight off the roof. However, energy efficiency is not the only thing that should guide you when choosing your next roof's color. Here are four other salient factors you shouldn't ignore: Resale Value of the Property Many people don't live in the same house for the rest of their lives. At one point or another, you may need to move out of your current house and buy another one, for example, when you get a job in a different place or when you need a bigger or smaller house.

17 October 2017

Don't Forget To Look Up: How To Identify Problems With Your Roof


When you bought your home, you knew that eventually, you'd need to replace the roof. Unfortunately, the roof is often the most overlooked, and under-appreciated area of the home. Part of the reason is that it takes so much effort trying to locate problems. After all, most people don't like the idea of climbing up and walking around on the roof. Luckily, you don't need to do that. You just need to know what you're looking for.

8 October 2017

What To Do When A Big Tree Falls On Your Roof During A Storm


If your home is surrounded by mature trees, you're probably on edge when a bad storm rolls through. The combination of strong wind and rain-soaked soil can cause huge and otherwise healthy trees to topple over. If a tree falls on your house, you need to take quick action to keep everyone safe and protect your home from further damage. Here are some suggestions on what to do when a tree falls on your roof.

27 September 2017

Post-Hurricane Problems: How Sound Is Your Old Roof's Shingles?


If you recently survived a hurricane, you might be thankful just to be alive and well. But after the storm, it's essential that you check your old roof for damage, even if you don't see anything wrong. Even a few missing or lifting shingles can lead to huge problems later. Here's why it's important to check your roof's shingles and what you can do if you find problems with them.

19 September 2017