Causes And Remedy For Oil Canning In Metal Roofs


Oil canning is a metal roofing defect in which the flat surfaces of the metal sheets incur a visible waviness or wrinkling. In most cases, oil canning doesn't present a structural problem to an affected roof. However, most people hate its appearance, which means it can have a big negative effect on your home's curb appeal. Here are some of the common causes of oil canning: Manufacturing Issues Manufacturing issues can cause oil canning if they put too much stress on the metal sheets.

8 June 2018

How To Fix Sagging Gutters Supported By Brackets


There are a variety of different ways of securing gutters to your home. One of the ways to secure gutters to your home is with brackets. Brackets wrap around the side and bottom o your gutters and attach to your home. Brackets are a popular way to secure gutters to homes because they are generally really sturdy. However, sometimes brakes do fail. If the brakes on your gutters are no longer supporting your gutter, there are specific steps you can take to fix your gutter.

22 May 2018

Roof Replacement And Material Choices: 3 Tips To Help Match Roofing Materials To Architectural Styles


If you have old asphalt shingles, it is time to start thinking about roof replacement, which is part of routine home maintenance. When you have your roof replaced, you may want to consider upgrading the roofing materials for a longer lasting roof and to match the architectural style of your home. Today, you have more choices of premium roofing materials that fit different architectural styles: 1. Western-Style Architectures and The Best Choices for Roof Materials

6 May 2018

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Commercial Roof


If you own a commercial building, you are going to want to make sure you are taking proper care of the roof on your commercial building. There are specific steps you can take to make sure your commercial roof stays in good shape. Check The Ventilation It is important to have the right ventilation situation on your roof if you want it to last. You need to have the right airflow on your commercial roof to ensure that your roof doesn't get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

22 April 2018

3 Tips For Choosing Roofing Materials That Are Green And Energy Efficient


Soon, you are going to need to have the asphalt shingle roofing on your home replaced, and when you do, you may want to consider energy-efficient materials and improvements. To make your re roofing greener, underlayment and roofing materials are choices that you will want to consider. You may want to also consider improvements to attic insulation. Here are some tips to help make your roof replacement green and energy-efficient: 1. Attic Insulation and Improvements to Stop Energy Loss

8 April 2018

3 Problems That Excess Snow Can Cause To Your Roof


When you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you need to make sure that you keep an eye on the amount of snow on your roof. Too much snow on your roof can cause damage, so you need to know what type of damage to keep an eye out for and how to prevent snow build-up on your roof. 1. Excess Snow Can Cause Your Roof Deck to Sag

26 March 2018

3 Tips To Help Prevent Damage To Modern Roofing Membranes On Commercial Buildings


If you have a commercial property, roofing materials can be costly. They will need repairs and replacement, but with good maintenance you will get more life out of them. Modern roofing membranes are great for energy efficiency but can also easily be torn and damaged. Here are a few tips that will help prevent damage to modern roofing membranes and reduce costs of roof maintenance for your business: 1. Keep Roof Drainage Systems Free of Debris

19 March 2018

3 Vital Steps For Homeowners To Take After A Hailstorm


Are you a homeowner? Has there recently been a hailstorm in your area? Whether the hail was the size of golf balls or was much smaller, hail can be damaging to anything that happens to be outside. This obviously includes any vehicles that you own but it can also include your home. Although many people do not realize that hail can damage anything besides a home's windows, your roof can also become damaged by hail.

8 March 2018

Need A New Roof? Ask Your Contractor About These Materials


Picking a new roofing material can be difficult. There are so many materials to pick from, and each one has their own pros and cons. While you may want to go with whatever was previously on your home, you could improve your home by going with something a bit different. Ask your contractor about these materials, and pick the one you feel will work best for you. Plastic Polymer Plastic polymer is certainly a versatile material, since it requires very little maintenance, is durable, and can match the shape of almost any type of roof.

26 February 2018

What You Need to Know About 3 Different Roof Shapes


Part of building a home involves picking from hundreds of various options to bring it all together. This is especially true when it comes to your roof. You can pick a roof in almost any style that you want, which can be overwhelming in a way. It will help to know some key differences between different roof styles so you can pick the best one. Gable One very popular roofing style that you'll see throughout the US is a gable roof, which is also known as a pointed or pitched roof.

13 February 2018