Have A Leaky Roof? 4 Visible Signs You Need A New Roof


Is rainwater seeping into your house? A leaky rooftop can cause mold, rotten wood, and mildew. There are several factors that can lead to a leaking rooftop. Some are less noticeable, and you're more likely to miss them. When not repaired, small leaks can quickly turn into large leaks, and by then, a complete roof replacement may be necessary.

Although a leaking roof is an obvious indicator that you should install new roofing, it's hardly the only one. There are several other visible indicators, and most of them ultimately lead to a leaking roof. Recognizing roofing issues earlier on can help prevent water damage. Below are some of the most common visible indicators that you need a new rooftop.

1. Your roof is about 20 years old

Many homeowners hardly ever remember the age of their roofing until it starts leaking. Roofing that has surpassed the 20-year mark will most likely need replacing with higher quality materials. According to InterNACHI's roof life expectancy estimation, asphalt shingles can last up to 20 years. However, other roofing materials like copper, slate, and clay can last approximately 50 years. Therefore, depending on the roofing material, now would be the perfect time to replace your old roof to prevent leaks in the future.

2. Your shingles appear to be curling 

Old age and exposure to extreme weather conditions are common causes of curling shingles. If most of them are affected, consider talking to a roofer to recommend the best course of action.

3. Your roof is sagging

Is your leaking roof sagging in different areas? This is a clear indicator that your home's roof has sustained water damage. If not replaced, a sagging roof will get weaker and finally collapse. Such a roof is also likely to have holes that let in moisture and other elements into your house.

4. Your roof has missing shingles

When only a few shingles are missing, it will make sense to replace them. However, it will be impossible to find new shingles that will match the color of your old ones. This is because colors change quickly with weathering. Therefore, while you can patch a few missing shingles as you wait for a more serious issue, if you notice your roof is starting to look like a checkboard, consider replacing it.

Although multiple leaks are often the first visible sign that you should replace your roof, there are other visible indicators you should watch out for. Once you notice them, consider talking to a roof installation contractor to help you put a new roof on your home.


6 April 2021

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My name is Janet, and I am a professional architect and interior designer. While I love to design and decorate homes, I have recently developed another passion. I have fallen in love with the flat roof. Most people only see flat roofs in tall buildings in urban areas, but suburban homes can have them too. You can have a roof with a living space, a garden or even a pool. You simply need to design it so that water is adequately drained, and you can enjoy your roof almost as if it were an extra room. Explore the possibilities of flat roofs with me.