Your Budget-Friendly Roof: What Are Your Options?


When you have a smaller budget but you need a new roof, what are your options? Your roofer will go over the options you have for getting a new roof so you can have a healthier home foundation without going overboard with your spending, but you will still have some costs associated with getting roofing done on your home. Still, it's wise to know what you're getting into and how you can get residential roofing services on a budget.

Can you get a new roof or simple roofing repairs done when you have a smaller amount of money to work with? Use this guide to help you get the roofing you need done.

Consider repairs over replacement

You can get partial roof repairs done instead of replacing the roof entirely, if this is something your roof is capable of having done. You don't always have to replace the entire roof to make a difference in roofing quality. Sometimes simply patching worn areas or replacing loose or crumbling shingles is all you really need to restore your roof to a healthier condition. You save money when you have repairs done over replacing the roof because you spend less money on labor and supplies, which will help your budget while giving you a roof you can love at the same time.

Stick with asphalt shingles

In many ways, asphalt shingles are the best way to go when giving your roof a makeover. For starters, asphalt shingles are the cheapest roofing material in most cases, allowing you to do an entire roof without spending a lot of money. To save money even further, consider doing your roof in a way that doesn't require you to take old shingles off to put new shingles on. Known as re-roofing, you can put new asphalt shingles over older ones as long as the existing roof is in relatively good repair.

This is a great option for you to consider if you don't want to spend a lot of money on labor. Since you won't be taking the older shingles off to put new ones on, you save on labor costs, which can eat up a large portion of your construction budget when doing a roof in the first place. Your contractor will give you an estimate for getting your roof done. When you get your new roof, you'll feel confident about your decision as you'll see the money you save in the process.

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18 May 2019

The Benefits of a Flat Roof

My name is Janet, and I am a professional architect and interior designer. While I love to design and decorate homes, I have recently developed another passion. I have fallen in love with the flat roof. Most people only see flat roofs in tall buildings in urban areas, but suburban homes can have them too. You can have a roof with a living space, a garden or even a pool. You simply need to design it so that water is adequately drained, and you can enjoy your roof almost as if it were an extra room. Explore the possibilities of flat roofs with me.