Updates To Make To Your Property To Help It Sell More Easily


While preparing your home for sale, make sure it is ready to impress any buyer who tours through it. You want your home to be and appear move-in ready to give its buyer the quality they want in a home. Here are some home updates you can make to help it sell more easily.

Install a New Roof

Your home's roof is one of the most important protection barriers against the onslaught of weather conditions each year. And a buyer is going to expect the roof to be sound and in good repair; otherwise, they may overlook your home in search of one more move-in ready with less work needed.

You should have your roofing materials replaced as needed, depending on their materials and expected lifespan. But, when you are putting your home on the market, it is essential your roof is in great condition to give the best impression to buyers.

Look for signs of aging in your roof. For example, with asphalt shingles, you will begin to notice signs they are aging and need replacement, such as curling along their edges on the side of your roof exposed to the southern sky. If your roof is made of tar and gravel, if you begin to notice a large amount of gravel washing from its surface during a rainstorm, it is time to have it checked and possibly replaced. A roofing professional can inspect your roof and recommend if it needs replacement.

Replace your old asphalt shingles with new asphalt shingles to ensure the new homeowner its roof will last as long as possible. If you want to invest further, you can replace your roof with a metal roof, which has a much longer lifespan so it won't need a replacement for several decades. Be sure if your new roof comes with a warranty that it is transferable to the new owners. This can be a great selling feature to list with the home's listing details.

Install Additional Parking

The parking situation in front of your home can also be important to a buyer, especially if you live in an area or community where camping and outdoor activities are popular. In this type of community, a buyer will likely want to buy a home that has an additional parking pad for their RV, camper, trailer, ATVs, or boat.

So, if your home already has a traditional driveway, you may consider adding another concrete pad on the side of the home or expand the driveway to one side and take up an adjacent strip of soil, gravel, or landscaping. You can hire a local concrete contractor to pour and install this addition. 

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20 January 2019

The Benefits of a Flat Roof

My name is Janet, and I am a professional architect and interior designer. While I love to design and decorate homes, I have recently developed another passion. I have fallen in love with the flat roof. Most people only see flat roofs in tall buildings in urban areas, but suburban homes can have them too. You can have a roof with a living space, a garden or even a pool. You simply need to design it so that water is adequately drained, and you can enjoy your roof almost as if it were an extra room. Explore the possibilities of flat roofs with me.