Need New Home Siding? Deciding Between Vinyl And Aluminum


One part of your house that will need replacement at some point is the siding material. Not only does it protect your home from the weather, but it helps give your home a pleasant aesthetic that separates it from the neighboring homes. Here is what you need to know if you are getting new siding and deciding between vinyl and aluminum.


Aluminum can be a viable choice for siding on a home these days. That's because it's a metal material that is very durable, but doesn't have the possible risk of corroding or forming rust on the material. It gives the material a lifespan that is longer than other metal siding materials, and not require a lot of maintenance over the years to keep the material looking good.

The one downside of aluminum siding will be the price, since it costs more than competing siding materials. If you're on a budget for your siding replacement project, this may make aluminum out of reach for you. Another reason that some homeowners don't like aluminum siding is because the material can make noise during strong storms. You'll be more likely to hear rain bounce off the material, especially if you do not have great insulation along your home's exterior walls.

Another thing to keep in mind is that aluminum will not crack and break like other siding materials, but it can become dented from hard impacts. This will require some repair work, but will be much cheaper than replacing damaged sections of siding.


Vinyl is definitely a cheaper material, which helps homeowners on a budget that can't afford the best option available. That said, vinyl requires practically no maintenance over the years, won't rust, doesn't attract pests, and won't be damaged by water. The material is also very lightweight, making the installation go much faster than with competing materials made out of metal.

The problem with vinyl is due to how brittle it is. Vinyl can't take on impact damage and survive in one piece like other materials, which is something to consider if you're in a hurricane prone area. Vinyl material can also fade over the years, which can affect the look of your home unless you decide to paint the material.

If you're unsure about which material is best for you, reach out to a local siding contractor in your area. They'll come out to your house to provide an estimate for multiple materials, and provide a recommendation. For more information, check out websites like


22 December 2018

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