Has Storm Damage Led To A Roofing Leak? What To Do Fast


By the time you discover that there is a roof leak in your home after a storm, it can be too late to stop the storm damage from happening. If you have noticed that you have a serious roof leak that has been entering your home and damaging an area of the house that you don't often use, and that there are multiple materials that are damaged, it's time to move into action fast. Here are some of the things that you want to do as quickly as you can.

Get the Roof Inspected

The roofing damage needs to be fixed before you fix anything else so you can make sure that the problem doesn't occur again. Have a roofing company come to the property and give an inspection and estimate.

Make sure that you get the internal area of the home repaired and fixed, and the roofing shingles, wood and insulation replaced in that area. If an entire roof update is required, do it before you end up with more damages throughout the house.

Call the Insurance Company

If your home has coverage to cover roof leaks you want to call the insurance agency you use. They will send an adjuster to the property. The adjuster will determine if the claim will be accepted or denied, and what amount they are willing to reimburse. Talk with them about a professional restoration cleaning company. If there is a storm it may take a while to get an inspector and adjuster, but be persistent.

Get Professional Restoration Cleaning

The water damage and removal restoration company will come in and remove all the water they can from the materials. This is everything from the wood, drywall, carpeting and more. They will also:

  • Dry out the space
  • Apply a cleaning agent to kill mold and mildew
  • Seal the area from moisture if needed
  • Remove damage materials from the property
  • Remove water stains and odors

The sooner the company can get in to start extracting the water from the space the better. Don't waste time, even if you have to pay out of pocket for the services.

All of the items that are damaged from the water and can't be cleaned or saves should be thrown out of the home. This way they don't continue to linger with odors or spread mold throughout the house. If you have found out that you have wet walls, carpeting and other problems because there was a roofing leak at your home, you want to leap into action to save what you can.


24 October 2018

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