Three Reasons Why You Should Not Tear Off Your Roof Yourself


In an age where DIY is king, there are some things you should not do yourself. Even though you might be tempted to rip off your old roof yourself in preparation for the roofing contractor's new roofing installation, you really should not. The following reasons show why this is a bad idea.

Exposing Your Home to the Elements

Ripping off a roof exposes your home to the elements. You may argue that that is what the roofing crew is going to do anyway. True, but then the roofing crew immediately begins installing the new roof. They do not leave a bare roof exposed for very long. It is important to note that leaving your bare roof exposed overnight leaves your home open to rain, dew, bats, insects, and about a half-dozen other things you do not want in your home.

Exposing Your Home to Pests

Insects, rodents, bats, and other wildlife will quickly take advantage of the opportunity presenting itself (i.e. a bare and unattended/uncovered roof). Even if you spend the entire day prior to when your new roof will be installed tearing off the old roof, there are still several hours overnight where these pests and critters can discover a way into your attic or home. They will quickly take up residence, and then you have to get pest control out to remove them.

Falling Through Weak Spots

It is not every day that you walk around on your roof ripping off shingles. You have no idea of the structural integrity of your roof. If you were to find a weak spot and step on that spot in just the right way, you could step or fall right through. Serious injuries are commonplace in the roofing industry, but at least the roofing contractor has insurance to cover any of the injuries incurred by his/her crew while on the job. Any sort of fall could put you out of work temporarily or indefinitely. Stay off your roof and let the pros handle it.

If the reason for climbing up and tearing off your own roof is that you want to save time and money, consider a roofing option that is safe and can accomplish that goal for you. Metal roofing installed over the top of an old roof does not require that you tear off the old roof first. You stay safe, your roof and attic are never exposed, and you save time and money because the roofing crew is not spending a couple of hours tearing off the old roof.


2 August 2018

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