Causes And Remedy For Oil Canning In Metal Roofs


Oil canning is a metal roofing defect in which the flat surfaces of the metal sheets incur a visible waviness or wrinkling. In most cases, oil canning doesn't present a structural problem to an affected roof. However, most people hate its appearance, which means it can have a big negative effect on your home's curb appeal. Here are some of the common causes of oil canning:

Manufacturing Issues

Manufacturing issues can cause oil canning if they put too much stress on the metal sheets. A fitting example is when maladjusted or worn-out rollers cause uneven pressure on the metal during milling. Another example is if sections of the metal sheets experience further pressure during fabrication, for example, when the metal is being cut.

Extreme Stress during Handling

In some cases, metal roofs experience oil canning because they have been improperly handled prior to installation. For example, the sheets may develop oil canning when they are placed with other weights on top of them in storage or transportation.

Inadequate Room for Expansion

Installation problems may also give rise to oil canning. Anything that causes uneven pressure on the roof can result in oil canning. For example, installing the roof without adequate room for expansion may cause oil canning. Other installation mistakes that can lead to the same problem include uneven roof decking and poor nailing.

Structural Changes in the Roof

Even a properly installed metal roof may experience oil canning if the house, and by extension the roof, experience structural changes somewhere down the road. For example, a settling foundation may lead to buckling of the walls that may place undue pressure on the roof, leading to oil canning.

Preventing Measures

Here are some of the measures to take if you don't want oil canning on your metal roof:

  • Opt for thick metal gauges since they are less likely to be affected by metal canning
  • Opt for experienced roofing contractors who are less likely to make installation mistakes
  • Providing a perfectly flat deck for the roof installation
  • Minimizing structural changes that may affect the roof

As you can see, there are practical ways of preventing metal roof canning, but as you can suspect, only experienced roofing professionals will be aware of these measures. This underscores the need for using professionals for all your metal roofing projects. Your roofing contractor will also help you understand other methods of keeping metal roof canning at bay.


8 June 2018

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