How To Fix Sagging Gutters Supported By Brackets


There are a variety of different ways of securing gutters to your home. One of the ways to secure gutters to your home is with brackets. Brackets wrap around the side and bottom o your gutters and attach to your home. Brackets are a popular way to secure gutters to homes because they are generally really sturdy. However, sometimes brakes do fail. If the brakes on your gutters are no longer supporting your gutter, there are specific steps you can take to fix your gutter.

Remove the Gutter

Your gutters are not attached to the brackets with screws. They are actually sitting on top of the brackets. The first thing you need to do is take the gutters from the damaged area, lift them up, and remove the gutter from the area. If the gutter is bent and damaged, you may need to purchase some replacement gutter material. If the gutter is still in good shape, you just need to remove it so you can do your repair.

Take Off the Screws

Once you remove the gutter, you need to remove the brackets that are damaged. The brackets are attached to the side of your home with screws. You are going to need to remove the screws with a screwdriver or with a drill. If the screws are rusted or damaged, throw them out. If they are still in good shape, save the screws.

Fill in the Screw Holes

Next, you are going to want to fill in the screw holes. Fill the holes up with weatherproof caulking. This will ensure that water doesn't get into your siding from the site of the holes left behind by the screws.

Drill New Holes

You are going to want to make new holes for the brackets. When you place the new holes for the brackets, make sure that they are at the same height and angle of the previous holes, just over a couple of inches. That way, the gutter hooks will be set up correctly.

Place the Gutter Brackets

Once the holes are screwed in place, put the gutter brackets back up. Hold each bracket up, place the screw through the gutter bracket and into the side of your home. Use the screwdriver to tighten up and secure the gutter brackets to the exterior siding of your home.

Put the Gutter Back in Place

Finally, take the gutters that you removed previously and put them back in place. Your gutter should no longer shag. You may have to put in place some extra gutter brackets to support your gutter if you notice any weak support areas.

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22 May 2018

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