3 Tips To Help Prevent Damage To Modern Roofing Membranes On Commercial Buildings


If you have a commercial property, roofing materials can be costly. They will need repairs and replacement, but with good maintenance you will get more life out of them. Modern roofing membranes are great for energy efficiency but can also easily be torn and damaged. Here are a few tips that will help prevent damage to modern roofing membranes and reduce costs of roof maintenance for your business:

1. Keep Roof Drainage Systems Free of Debris

The roof drainage systems are some of the areas where problems are most likely to start with roofing membranes. This is due to the debris that gets stuck in grates of drainage system and leads to wear, punctures, and leaks. To prevent damage to commercial roofing, it is important to keep these drainage areas clean and free of debris. Part of routine maintenance of commercial rooftops should be checking to make sure drains are clean and cleaning the roof.

2. Get Routine Roof Inspections for Leaks and Repair Problems

Another problem that you may have with commercial roofing membranes is wear and tear, which leads to leaks. Sometimes, the leaks may be due to the seals of seams wearing and beginning to leak, or it can be due to punctures in the roofing membranes that cause leaks. Having a roof inspection done routinely will help ensure that these types of problems are found and repaired before they lead to serious damage to your business due to leaks and water. It is a good idea to have your routine roof inspections done at least once a year to ensure your roofing membrane is in good shape.

3. Get Mechanical Maintenance and Roof Access to Reduce Wear

Mechanical maintenance is another problem that leads to wear and damage to commercial roofing membranes. It is important that people that get on the roof to do maintenance are trained and aware of the damage that they can cause to the roof. This means that they should have the appropriate gear to do maintenance on the roof.

In addition, there are other things that can be done to reduce wear and damage to your roof from routine mechanical maintenance. You may want to consider having maintenance paths and platforms installed for mechanical systems, which will help ensure that your roof membrane will not be damaged during routine maintenance.

These are some tips that will help prevent damage to roofing membranes and reduce maintenance costs. If you need help with repairs or replacement of roofing, contact a commercial roofing contractor to help.


19 March 2018

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