Roof Types For Coastal Regions


If you live in a coastal region, then you want to be sure your roofing materials are going to be able to withstand the elements in a way that will keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible. When residing in an oceanfront property, or a property that's located within close proximity to the coast, you will need to take some things into account such as the amount of salt in the air and the number of high winds you may experience. This article will explain the reasons why some types of roofing materials are such good choices:

Slate, concrete and clay roofing tiles

Clay tiles that are orange and brown are commonly seen in coastal homes. Concrete and clay tiles are also commonplace and can come in many different colors. Natural slate tiles are also popular for this region. Each one of these types of tiles will withstand the coastal salt air well and they can take on a great deal of wind without suffering damages. The materials the tiles are made from can take on humidity and salt with ease and the design of the roofing tiles allows the wind to come and go without ripping at them and causing them to break or lift. The weight of the tiles also helps them to deflect the wind better. One of the types of homes that look great with tile roofs are those that also feature stucco siding.

Metal roofing panels

Another option for roofs in the coastal region would be galvalume steel roofing panels. These panels will offer your roof a great deal of resistance to the corrosion that can come from contact with sea spray. Another metal roof option that can also be good choices includes aluminum. Metal roofs aren't seen in coastal communities quite as much, but their obvious benefits still make them a valid choice. Some of the other benefits that come with these roofs include the fact that they are fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Metal roofs will also withstand high wind speeds well.

Wooden shake shingles

Wooden shake shingles are also quite popular in coastal regions. This type of shingle can work well due to their ability to stand up to salt water so well. They can also withstand extremely hard and fast winds, something important in a roofing material in order for it to work in these regions. Homes such as those with a stone-like appearance tend to look great with this type of roof.

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10 January 2018

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