Ask Your Roofing Contractor About The Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof On Your Vacation Home


If you're renovating a home in the country to use as a getaway on weekends and summers, then you'll want to use building materials that offer added protection while you're away. For instance, when it comes to a new roof, you'll have several options for materials, but if you want something that needs little maintenance and adds superior protection, you may want to talk to a roofing contractor about choosing metal. Here's why a metal roof is a good option for a country home that is vacant for long periods of time.

Metal Guards Against Fire And Lightning

A metal roof helps protect your home from fiery embers that float through the air from nearby fires. An ember that lands on metal will likely burn out rather than cause any damage. Metal also protects from fire caused by lightning. A metal roof doesn't attract lightning at all, but if lightning does strike, it spreads out over the surface of your roof and then travels to the ground so your home stays safe. Because metal resists fire, it can protect the structure of your home from fire due to a lightning strike. This added protection can give you peace of mind when you can't check on your country home after every storm or during dry seasons when brush fires might break out.

Metal Roofs Keep Out Pests

There will be plenty of wildlife out in the country looking for a cozy winter nesting spot. A metal roof helps keep these pests out of your home. The key is to make sure there are no gaps or holes along the bottom of the metal shingles or sheets, or where pipes or a chimney come through the roof. A raccoon, rats, or mice won't get through metal very easily, and that reduces the risk of them getting inside your attic. Since metal sheets have few seams, there will be fewer places that bugs can enter to get inside your home. Plus, bugs such as termites won't be attracted to metal in the first place.

Metal Roofing Is Strong And Durable

Metal roofing can be applied in sheets or shingles. Sheets have fewer seams and less risk of developing leaks. However, all types of metal roofing are very durable and tolerate all kinds of weather, and they stand up to strong storms and high winds. A metal roof could last for many decades, so you won't have to worry about repairing damage or replacing the roof as often.

Another good thing about metal roofing on a country home is that it adds visual appeal. A metal roof is the perfect complement to a cozy cabin or country cottage. It is even suitable for a luxury country estate. Metal roofs come in different colors and styles, so you can find one that looks great while protecting your home from the elements. Before you automatically choose asphalt because it is common and popular, talk to a roofing contractor about the benefits of having a metal roof installed on your vacation property.


18 November 2017

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