What To Do When A Big Tree Falls On Your Roof During A Storm


If your home is surrounded by mature trees, you're probably on edge when a bad storm rolls through. The combination of strong wind and rain-soaked soil can cause huge and otherwise healthy trees to topple over. If a tree falls on your house, you need to take quick action to keep everyone safe and protect your home from further damage. Here are some suggestions on what to do when a tree falls on your roof.

Leave Your Home If Possible

Make sure your family is safe and then evacuate the house if you can. If a storm is raging, you may need to seek shelter in a safe part of the home until the storm passes and you can assess the damage. If there is danger of the tree causing more harm to your home as it settles, it's safer to leave until the tree is removed.

Call Authorities And Your Insurance Company

Look at the damage from a safe distance. The tree might have pulled power lines down with it and if that's the case, you want to call the power company as soon as you can. You may also want to report the downed line to the police, especially if the line is live. Once immediate danger has passed, you should call your insurance agent for advice on how to proceed. You'll need to call in a tree removal contractor as well as a roofer to get repairs underway and these expenses should be covered by your insurance.

Cover The Damaged Roof While Waiting On Repairs

Removing the tree is top priority since you won't be able to protect your roof until the tree is out of the way. Once the tree is off of your house, hire a roofer to at least come in and cover your roof with a tarp until repairs can be done. If the storm tore up several roofs in your neighborhood, you might not be able to have your roof replaced right away. You don't want the roof to leak while you wait, so temporary repairs of some sort are in order. This could entail covering the damaged area with a tarp that's held in place with boards or bricks.

You'll want to have permanent repairs done as soon as possible so your home doesn't sustain any further water damage and so your home is more secure. When a tree smashes into your roof, you could be looking at the need to rebuild part of the roof as well as replacing the shingles. Visit a site like http://www.affordableroofingfl.net for more information. 


27 September 2017

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