Post-Hurricane Problems: How Sound Is Your Old Roof's Shingles?


If you recently survived a hurricane, you might be thankful just to be alive and well. But after the storm, it's essential that you check your old roof for damage, even if you don't see anything wrong. Even a few missing or lifting shingles can lead to huge problems later. Here's why it's important to check your roof's shingles and what you can do if you find problems with them.

Why Should You Check Your Roofing Shingles? 

Along with a waterproof membrane and sheathing, shingles protect the structures in your home's roof and attic from rain, insects, and other natural problems. However, older homes may not have a waterproofing system in place to protect them from damage. If shingles blow off or lift up on an unprotected roof, it can leave your home vulnerable to moisture damage and leaks.

Although it might take a while for the damage to occur, moisture and water can soak into your home's wooden structures and rot them. If wood rot isn't found early, it can make your home structurally unsound. 

You can keep your home, family, and roof safe with the right steps. 

What Can You Do?

You should avoid walking on your roof after any major storm, especially if debris covers your roof. Debris can hide holes and other damage. If your roof is relatively clear of debris, use a pair binoculars to perform a preliminary check of your shingles. This way you can zoom in and see objects without moving too close to them.

Use your binoculars to scan the entire roof, including the areas around your chimney and vent pipes. These locations can leak if they sustain damage. It's a good idea that you record the problems you find on a notepad for later use.

If you do find problems in your roof, contact a roofing specialist immediately. Roof damage can become worse if it's not handled in a timely manner. When you contact a roofer, refer to your notes during the conversation. The notes may give a contractor a better idea of what to expect when they visit your home.

A contractor can perform a detailed inspection of your roof during the visit and make the best recommendations to repair it. Many roofers help customers complete their insurance claims, so don't be afraid to ask your contractor for help.

If you have concerns about your roof's shingles or need immediate assistance, contact a roof repair specialist today.


19 September 2017

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