Three Myths About Upgrading To A Green Roof


Being aware of the full range of options that you can choose for your business's roof will be important for anyone that owns their own building. However, many individuals will simply limit the range of options that they consider to conventional materials, such as asphalt shingles and tiles. This can lead to individuals completely overlooking the option of using a green roof.

Myth: A Green Roof Will Be Damaging To Your Building

It is frequently assumed that having soil and plants on the roof will be very damaging due to the moisture that these materials can trap. To prevent this damage, your green roof will have a thick rubber lining that will prevent the dirt and moisture from coming into contact with the actual roofing structure. Furthermore, it is common for roofs to be reinforced so that they will be better able to withstand the strain that the weight of the green roof can exert on the structure.

Myth: Green Roofs Are Purely For Cosmetic Purposes

While a green roof can add a distinct aesthetic charm to your building, individuals will frequently assume that this is the only way that the green roofs will benefit structures. Yet these roofs also offer building owners some very practical and economical benefits. These roofs are particularly energy efficient because the soil is dense enough to act as a highly effective insulator. Furthermore, the plants will absorb the majority of the sunlight so that any heating of the structure is kept to a minimum.

Myth: It Will Be Hard To Keep Your Green Roof Maintained

It can be easy to be intimidated by the maintenance that a green roof will require as individuals often greatly overestimate what will be involved. In particular, individuals often assume that they will have to regularly cut and trim the plants to keep the orderly. However, the plants that are used in the construction of these roofs are very carefully chosen so that only very durable and low-maintenance plants are used. This means that any trimming, watering, or other maintenance for the plants will be at a minimum.

Having a roof with plants growing on it and a thick layer of soil may not seem like it will be a wise choice to install if you are believing some of the misinformation that people often share or assume about this new type of roofing. After learning that a green roof will not be damaging to your structure, the full range of benefits of installing this roof, and that these roofs require less maintenance than is often assumed, coming to the decision to commit to this type of roof will seem more practical.

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11 September 2017

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