3 Things To Look For When Checking For Damage On Your Roof After A Severe Storm


If a severe storm with high winds and hail recently blew through your area, you may be worried that your home's roof could have sustained damage. If so, look for the following three things when checking for damage on your roof after the storm:

Broken Shingles on the Ground

Before you try to go up on your home's roof to assess the damage, first look at the ground surrounding your house to see if you find any whole or broken pieces of shingles laying around. If so, you already know that parts of your roof were damaged by the storm.

If you do find shingles, there is a good possibility that parts of the underlayment have become exposed. To check for any exposed plywood, either use binoculars or stand on a ladder to scope out the scene.

If you do see wood showing through the shingles, you should have a roofer come and repair the damage, since the exposed plywood could quickly rot and start leaking.

Granules on Your Porch or in Your Gutters

After checking for shingles, look for small granules on your porches and in your gutters, especially if your home has an older roof. These granules help protect the shingles from water, ice, and other elements. However, as the shingles age, they become loose and could be easily detached during hail impact or high winds.

If you find any granules, call to have your roof inspected. There is a possibility that some of your shingles have lost this important protective layer and may need replacing.

Cracks in Shingles from Hail or Branches

Especially if there was large hail during the storm or branches are laying on your roof, you should check for cracks in the shingles. The impact from either of these could have severely damaged the shingles to the point that they may allow water to leak underneath and rot the underlayment.

If you feel comfortable and the roof is dry, walk around carefully to check for any cracks in areas where you find debris. However, if you are not comfortable with doing this, have a roofer come out to clear off your roof and inspect the shingles for damage.

If you find any of the above while inspecting your roof for damage, you may need to have some of the shingles repaired or replaced. Contact a company that offers roof replacement for storm damage to have them send someone to inspect your roof and discuss any options available to you. 

Contact roofers that can help you with storm damage replacement roofs for more information and assistance. 


11 August 2017

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