How to Fix Discontinued Vinyl Siding on Your House


If one of your kids threw a baseball and cracked a strip of your home's vinyl siding, then you will be pleased to learn that siding repair is a simple process. Even without any previous home repair experience, you can replace the damaged siding in less than an hour.

To replace the damaged siding, you need the following:

  • a siding zipper tool
  • a small pry bar
  • a small hammer
  • a few short nails

In addition to the above, you also need a replacement strip of vinyl siding. If you do not have any spare siding, then you should take the strip you remove in Step 1 below to your local building store so they can match it for style and color.

If you discover that your siding was discontinued and there isn't an exactly matching product available on the market today, then you should purchase a strip that matches as closely as possible. Replacing discontinued or mismatched siding is still easy to do but will require an extra step.

Follow these steps to replace your home's damaged siding:

Step 1: Remove the Strip of Damaged Vinyl Siding

The first step in fixing your siding is to gently remove the damaged strip by using a zipper tool. Run the zipper tool along each seam to separate it from the surrounding pieces. Once the siding is loose, then use a small pry bar to remove the nails along its top attachment strip. Work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging any of the other strips of siding.

Step 2: Remove a Strip of Siding from an Inconspicuous Place on Your Home if Your Siding was Discontinued

If your siding was discontinued, then you want to put the mismatched replacement strip on your home in an inconspicuous place where no one will see it. To do so, find a strip of siding on the back of your home you can easily remove. Remove that piece of siding to use to replace the piece your child broke. 

Step 3: Replace Both Pieces of Missing Siding

Place the old piece of siding you removed into the area where you removed the baseball-damaged siding. Nail the vinyl siding strip in place using a few nails on the attachment strip and then zip it in place. Finally, follow the same procedure to put the mismatched piece of siding on the back of your home where you removed the matching piece to fix the area your child damaged with their baseball. 


17 July 2017

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