Can Snow Cause Your Roof to Collapse?


With winter approaching, you need to start thinking about winter weather that could have an impact on your roof. For instance, snow can cause your roof to collapse in certain conditions. To help you avoid a roof collapse, here is what you need to know to protect it.

What Are the Signs Your Roof Is on the Verge of Collapsing?

Your roof can only support a certain amount of weight. Snow can be surprisingly heavy. A few days of snow can put too much pressure on your roof in certain areas and cause it to collapse. When that happens, you could be faced with more than a roof repair. You will also have to replace the furnishings that are damaged in the process.

When a roof is on the verge of collapse, there are signs that indicate it. For instance, if you are having trouble opening doors and windows, the roof is likely bearing down on the rest of the home due to the weight of the snow. Other signs include sagging in the roof, cracking noises, and leaks. If you notice any of these signs, you need to act quickly.

Can You Rake the Roof?

Raking seems like an easy way to remove the snow from the roof, but there is a chance that damage to your roof could occur. While raking, you could inadvertently pull on the shingles. The damage to the shingles could lead to leaks.

Another possible problem is that it might not be possible to reach all the areas of the roof. Although removing snow from the areas you can reach will help to alleviate some of the pressure, it might not be enough to prevent a collapse.

What Can You Do?

There are several options available to prevent a buildup of snow. One possibility is to opt for a metal roof on your home. Although metal roofing is usually associated with commercial buildings, it is now being used for homes. The roofing is less susceptible to snow buildup.

Heat cables are another option. The cables are placed over the surface of the roof. When it snows, the cables will help to melt the snow. The cables can be expensive, but it can help you save a pricier repair later for the roof.

Consult with your roofing contractor for more information on how to prevent a roof collapse from a snowfall. He or she can also detect and repair any weaknesses in your roof that could make it particularly vulnerable to the snow. 


11 July 2017

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