Have An Older Metal Roof? 4 Reasons You Should Be Reapplying Protective Sealant


f you have an older metal roof, and you can't afford to replace it right away, you can extend its life by giving it a fresh coat of protective paint. If it's been a few years since you've given it fresh paint, now would be the time to schedule that service. In addition to extending the life of your metal roof, there are a number of other beneficial reasons you should add a fresh coat of paint. Here are just four of those reasons.

Protects Against the Elements

You might not realize this, but your roof acts as a protection against the weather. If your roof isn't properly maintained, you'll suffer from problems such as leaks during the winter, and sectional lifts during strong winds. However, when you apply protective paint to your roof, it will be sealed, and protected against the elements, which means your home will be protected too.

Less Expensive Than Replacement

When it comes to your roof, proper maintenance is less expensive than replacing the entire thing. If you're on a tight budget, the last thing you want to deal with is the replacement of your roof. When you apply protective sealing paint to your roof, you can prolong the need for a new roof, while still protecting your home.

Increases Your Resale Value

If you're going to be selling your home, you want your roof to be in good condition. That's because prospective buyers are going to be looking at its condition before they decide to buy. If your roof is in poor condition, prospective buyers may look elsewhere. However, if you keep your roof in good condition, including reapplying the protective paint, you'll not only increase the value of your home, you'll also increase your chances of a quick sell.

Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

If your roof is in poor condition, it can be difficult to keep your home the right temperature throughout the year. During the winter, your home may be too cold, while during the summer it will be too hot. That's because your roof is allowing the inside air to escape, while allowing the outside air to seep in. The result is a less energy-efficient home. You can reduce that problem, and make your home more energy-efficient by reapplying protective paint, as needed.

If you can't afford to replace your metal roof right now, extend its life by applying fresh paint. Contact a roofing contractor to schedule a service call as soon as possible. Visit a site like http://www.allamericanroofing.com for more help.


28 June 2017

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