How Hail Damages Your Roof And Why You Shouldn't Put Off Repairs


It's disheartening to see your roof peppered with dents after a hail storm. Hail damage is unsightly and it's also a danger to your roof. You may think you can put up with the ugly dents, but if you do, you'll put your roof at risk of further damage. Here's why.

Hail Knocks Off Protective Granules

Your asphalt roof is covered with tiny granules that protect the asphalt layer from UV damage and wear and tear from temperature changes. When hail pounds down on the roof, many of the granules are knocked off. Try looking around the foundation of your house or in your gutters for an accumulation of granules. It's difficult to see missing granules from the ground, but if you go up on the roof or look in the gutters, you'll be able to see how much damage was actually done to your roof beyond the dents.

A loss of granules speeds up the wear on your roof. There will be more UV damage and changes, such as cracking and curling. When your roof is in a weakened state, it is more susceptible to wind damage and leaking in the future. That's why it's a good idea to have hail damage repaired soon after it happens.

Hail Cracks Asphalt Shingles

The force behind hail can crack the shingles too. A cracked shingle lets water seep onto the deck. If this condition goes on for a long time, the deck of your roof can sustain water damage and your attic might start leaking. This compounds your roof damage and leads to more costly repairs. Cracked shingles are fairly easy to fix. The cracks can be covered over with roofing tar or the shingles can be replaced. Repairing cracks caused by hail is much easier and much less expensive than holding off and repairing water damage later on.

Your roofing contractor can suggest the best way to go about making repairs. If the shingles have lost a lot of granules and the roof has suffered a lot of damage, a roof replacement may be necessary at least on part of the roof. If damage is minor, all you may need are some repairs here and there to get your roof back in good shape. If your roof is fairly new, it has a better chance of withstanding hail damage than an old roof.

If you're putting off hail damage repairs due to the cost, keep in mind, your insurance may pay the repair bill. However, there may be a time window in which you have to act. If you wait until your roof suffers more damage and the insurance inspector determines the damage was caused by shingles weakened by hail that were not repaired, your insurance may not pay for repairs. The best solution is to call your insurance agent right after the storm and have repairs completed as soon as possible.

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15 June 2017

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