Three Chimney Cleaning And Care Myths


Chimney care is a topic that you will need to have a strong understanding about if you are to keep your home safe from potentially dangerous complications. While chimney care is an essential part of home ownership for those with fireplaces, there are misconceptions that can be spread that could lead someone underestimating the importance of routine chimney cleaning and care.

Myth: Chimney Sweeping Will Get The Interior Of Your Home Dirty

There is a frequent assumption that having the chimney swept will greatly increase the amount of dust and other allergens that may get in your house. To prevent dust, dirt, and soot from getting in your house during this work, chimney sweeping professionals will usually seal the entrance of the chimney so that you do not have to worry about these substances getting inside your house.

Myth: Chimney Sweeping Is Not Essential Maintenance For This Part Of The House

Due to the costs and disruptions that can be involved with having a chimney swept, there are people that may skip this work due to a belief that this is not a serious task. However, it can be relatively easy for large amounts of dust and dirt to gather on the inside of the chimney. As time passes, these materials can clog the chimney severely enough to stop much of the smoke produced by the fire from venting away. When this occurs, the interior of the house can start to fill with dangerous fumes and gases. Sweeping the chimney will remove these materials before they can contribute to these dangerous problems.

Myth: Your Chimney's Masonry Is The Only Part That Can Require Repairs

The exterior masonry on your chimney will be important for providing it with structural integrity and a pleasing appearance. However, traditional masonry is not suited to withstand the intense conditions created by starting a fire. The heat from this can damage the masonry by contributing to cracks forming. In order to keep your chimney safe from this outcome, it will have an interior liner that is designed to prevent the heat from damaging the chimney masonry. Cracks, chips, or other damages to the liner can allow this heat and fumes to escape into the interior of your house. Each time that you have the chimney swept, you may want to invest in having the liner inspected by a professional. Fortunately, replacing a damaged liner is fairly simple for a professional, and it may be possible to have a new liner installed after a couple of days.


10 June 2017

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