Apply A Polyurethane Coating To Your Home's Foam Roof


If your home has a foam roof and its coating has worn off, clean the foam roof and apply a polyurethane coating to it by completing the following steps. A polyurethane coating will protect your home's roof and will provide it with a seamless surface that will reflect the sun's rays, which will assist with regulating your energy bill.


  • waterproof drop cloths
  • extension ladder
  • safety harness
  • lawn and garden sprayer
  • water hose
  • roofing detergent
  • oxygenated bleach
  • scrub brush
  • extension handle
  • polyurethane coating
  • paint bucket
  • thick-napped paint roller
  • roller handle and frame

Prepare An Agent And Clean And Rinse The Foam Roof

Use waterproof drop cloths to cover the property that is adjacent to your home to prevent it from being exposed to a cleaning solution. Lean an extension ladder next to your home and put on a safety harness before securing the harness to an item on your property that is stable.

Prepare a cleaning agent by blending equal amounts of water, roofing detergent, and oxygenated bleach inside of a lawn and garden sprayer's tank. Apply the agent to the entire roof and wait several minutes for the cleaning mixture to penetrate and loosen stains that are on the rooftop. Move a long-handled scrub brush firmly back and forth over treated portions of the roof. Once the foam surface is clean, use a water hose to rinse it off. Wait for the foam surface to dry thoroughly.

Apply Two Coats Of A Polyurethane Coating Product

Pour a polyurethane coating product into a paint bucket. Secure the paint bucket to the top of the ladder so that you can easily access the coating product. Cover a thick-napped roller with the coating product and move the roller across the rooftop in straight lines. Take your time as you spread the coating product across the rooftop to ensure that it is evenly applied. A roof coating may require a full day to dry. Once this occurs, apply a second coat of the product in the same manner.

Maintain The Coating's Surface

Maintain the appearance and strength of the polyurethane roof coating by occasionally removing debris from it with a broom. If portions of the coating become stained, use a product that is designed for use on polyurethane coatings to clean the affected areas. If a scrub brush is needed to assist with eliminating stains, use one that has soft bristles to prevent damaging the coating. 

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23 May 2017

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