Keeping The Rain Gutters Clean


It's important for you to make sure you properly maintain your rain gutters so you can prevent damage and other problems, such as mosquito problems, around your home. If you've never given much thought to your rain gutters in the past, then you'll want to make sure you read all of the information here so you can learn what they do, why it's important to maintain them, and how you can go about caring properly for them.

Understand what your rain gutters do

Your rain gutters will capture the rain that lands on your rooftop and direct the rain water down the drains where it gets deposited and carried away from the house. The gutters prevent the rain water from pouring directly off of the rooftop and running down the exterior walls of the house where it can stain, lead to the development of mold, potentially cause rotting, ruin the paint, and cause other issues. Since the rain water is deposited in certain draining areas, the gutters also help to prevent the pooling of water around the exterior of your house where it can lead to flooding that can even make its way inside of the home to damage interior walls, flooring, and even furniture.

Know the importance of properly maintaining your rain gutters

In general, your rain gutters should only need to be kept clean. This means removing leaves, twigs, and other debris that can make its way into them. The only way the rain water can properly flow through them to be drained is when there isn't anything in the way that will block the water. If water is kept in the gutters by this debris, then it will weigh them down, which can lead to damage. Then you will have to have a roofing contractor like Absolute Roofing come out to repair the rain gutters.

Educate yourself on ways to easily clean the rain gutters

One way to clean out the rain gutters is to climb up on a ladder and remove the debris by hand. However, if you don't like to be on ladders, then there are other ways to clean them that can be done from the ground. You can purchase picker devices on long and adjustable sticks that you can use specifically to reach in the gutters and pluck out the debris. You can even reshape a metal coat hanger and use the end of it to scrape the debris out of the rain gutter.


7 May 2017

The Benefits of a Flat Roof

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