Three Reasons Why Your Metal Roofing Contractor Must Be An Expert


It's generally a better idea to hire a specialist for any work done on your house, especially if it's a job you're not an expert in yourself, but with metal roofing it's even more important. Not only is your roof arguably the most important part of your house, keeping everything inside safe from the elements, but the metal roofing panels themselves require careful handling and very specific installation techniques in order to work correctly. Here are three reasons why it's so important for your roofing contractor to be an expert in metal roofing if you're having your first metal roof installed.

1. It's easy to void the warranty

Like most manufacturers, metal roofing manufacturers don't want to pay for someone else's mistakes. So your warranty for the metal roofing is likely to only cover manufacturing defects; in other words, you can't hold the company responsible for a problem with a roofing panel that was manufactured correctly. Because of this, the warranty may state that it's voided if not installed correctly. 

2. It's easy to make mistakes

Installing a metal roof may seem straightforward, but it's easy to slip up. For example, placing a fastener just a couple inches away from the right spot (in a "valley" instead of on a ridge) can cause water to pool in that area, potentially causing a leak and rusting the fastener and the panel itself. Or even if you get all the fasteners in the right spots, you can cause the roof to fail if you accidentally used fasteners that aren't made of the exact same metal as the roof. Sometimes placing two metals in close contact with each other can cause them to corrode even without the presence of water. So plenty of training, knowledge, and prior experience in residential metal roofing installation should be required for any contractor you work with on this project.

3. It's hard to spot mistakes

Can you tell by looking at the roof if the right fasteners were used? Can you tell if they're all made of the same metal as the roof? Can you tell if the underlayment is installed correctly? No, probably not, especially if you're not an expert. If you are a metal roofing expert yourself, that's another matter, but otherwise you really need an expert you can trust to get the job right the first time. No matter how good your roofing contractor's warranty is, it's not going to replace any heirlooms that are water damaged from a roofing failure.

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29 April 2017

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