Foam Roofing And Its Benefits


If you need a new roof for your building, you have many different options, such as vinyl roofing, metal roofing or wood shakes. In addition, there is another roofing option called foam roofing. Here are a bit of information about foam roofing to help you better understand the material and its advantages:

What is foam roofing made of?

Foam roofing it is made of polyurethane. The material is actually a mixture of isocyanate and polyol. Each of these elements is heated combined and combined in the proper ratio to be fed through a sprayer and applied to the roof.

What are some of the benefits of having a foam roof?

A foam roof has no seams.

Foam roofing material is seamless. Since the polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the roofing substrate as a liquid, it forms one continuous roofing system. The liquid fills in areas that would normally require separate or additional roofing components, such as the areas around a chimney or skylight.

A foam roof is light in weight.

Polyurethane foam does not weigh much. In fact, it is quite light compared to most other roofing materials. This can be important is the roof is in a cold climate that may incur significant accumulations of snow.

A building is only able to hold a certain amount of weight. Once the maximum weight is exceeding, the building is at risk of caving in from the weight of the roof. Since the foam roof does not weigh a lot, it may be able to support a greater amount of snow, ice or other debris before jeopardizing the safety of the building structure.

A foam roof provides good insulation.

Foam roofing is highly insulating. It helps to hold in heat and prevent the entry of cold air during the winter. Likewise, during the summer months, the roof helps contain the cool air in a building and helps prevent hot air from entering.

Foam roofs require very little maintenance.

Foam roofing it requires little upkeep and is quite durable. Maintenance includes clearing debris from the roof and ensuring that any roof areas that are compromised due to falling debris are repaired by spraying additional foam material in that area.

Foam roofs are waterproof.

The foam does not absorb moisture or permit it to seep beneath the roof to damage underlying structures.

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15 June 2016

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