Two Overlooked Sources Of Roofing Problems


The roof of a building can be subjected to numerous forms of damage over the course of time, but there are some forms of damage that individuals may overlook. While you may be aware of the dangers posed by strong winds and heavy rains, it can be easy to overlook some of the other common causes of roofing damage. In particular, learning about the following couple of frequently overlooked threats may help you to be better prepared to keep your roof in the best condition possible.

Solar Rays And Heat

During the summer months, it is possible for the roof's temperature to become extremely hot. In fact, the sun can heat your roof enough to damage the shingles by causing them to become brittle and crack. This can create both an eyesore as well as structural problems for the roof because the damaged shingles will be unable to effectively shield the roof from water.

While this problem can pose a serious threat for your roof, it is important to note that there are steps that you can take to help reduce the odds of this damage striking your property. For example, you can paint the roof a light color while also covering it with a UV reflective coating to help to lower the amount of heat the roof absorbs. The exact solution will depend on the specific materials used in the roof, but an experienced roofing contractor will be able to recommend a course of action.

Overhanging Branches

Trees near your home can provide much-needed shade during the hotter parts of the year, but if branches are hanging over your building, the roof can be exposed to a number of potential threats. Insects can be a particularly common problem for homes with branches over the roof because the insects can easily reach the roof from these branches. Additionally, falling leaves and twigs can pose a rotting problem for the roof.

When these substances land on the roof, they can trap moisture close to the roof, which can contribute to this type of damage forming. Minimizing these risks will require the branches to be trimmed away from the home. While you may not like the idea of losing this shade, it can be a minor inconvenience compared to the roof damage that this work may avoid.

Protecting your building from some of the more common roofing problems can be difficult if you lack experience with maintaining a property. By making sure to appreciate the risks posed by solar rays and heat as well as the problems that overhanging branches can cause, you will be in a far better position for addressing these issues before they lead to major damages. Contact a company like Sky City Roofing for more information.


12 April 2016

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