How To Find A Leak In Your Roof


Leaks in your roof, even small ones, can open the door to a host of other problems. Any amount of water that is allowed to seep into your home can cause rapid mold and mildew growth, which can cause a number of serious respiratory diseases if left unchecked. If you hear dripping water or find wet spots within your home, you need to locate the leak as soon as possible so that it can be patched up.

Check the Attic

If you have noticed discoloration or wet spots in your house, you should go into the attic or crawlspace to search for the source of the leak. Any light from outside should be an immediate red flag, and will be the location of the leak, but it is much more likely that the hole will not be that obvious. Search for any signs of discoloration or dripping water, or the start of any mold or mildew growth on the walls or ceiling. If you can't find the exact source of the leak, the discoloration will tell you the general area in which you should investigate.

Spray the Roof

The next step is to climb up on the roof with a garden hose and run water down over your shingles while someone stays within the attic and sees where the water is seeping through. Spray a small area at a time to pinpoint exactly where the leak is. Once you've found the leak, you should mark it somehow so that you'll be able to locate it easily once you've fixed it.

Check the Dormers

If the leak still hasn't been located, it is possible that the leak is not actually coming from your roof but from the dormers. Check the walls of your dormers to see if there are any cracks or signs of damage that might let water seep into your home. If this is the case, you'll have to have the dormers repaired.

Figuring Out the Cause

Once you've found the location of the leak in your roof, you should remove the shingles to see what the cause is. It may be because of damaged flashing around your chimney or another rooftop installation, or it may be because of holes in the actual roof due to physical damage. Determining what is letting water seep into your home can help you figure out the steps that you need to take to fix it.

For more info on how to check for and repair leaks in your roof, contact a professional roofing contractor.


2 September 2015

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