4 Items To Wear When Fixing Your Roof Through The Attic


Fixing a leak in your roof sometimes means fixing it from the inside, in the attic. It's an easy enough job to pull off a piece of plywood with the claw end of a hammer and then nail a new piece of plywood up. But before you head to the attic to perform this task, you'll want to put on the right clothing. Heading to the attic shirtless or wearing flip flops is dangerous. This guide explains what you should wear and why.

Electrical Gloves

Sometimes uninsulated electrical wires dangle about in the attic. Invest in a pair of electrical gloves in case you need to maneuver wires out of your way when trying to reach the location of the leak. Keep in mind that most building codes do not allow for exposed wiring, but many older homes may still have some. If you do find them, call an electrician to have this remedied after you fix the leaky roof.

Head Protection

Most attics are small and have beams running across the top holding the roof up. If you're not careful, you could end up banging your head on one of the beams. Hit it hard enough and you'll knock yourself out. Wear a hard hat or even a skating/bike helmet when doing any type of work in the attic.

Long Clothing

Insulation, loose nails and other hazards often make an attic an unpleasant and sometimes painful place. Additionally, you might find that some critters such as squirrels, bats or rats have determined that your attic is the perfect neighborhood for them to raise a family. Keep critters from biting you by wearing long sleeve pants and a long sleeve shirt. Make sure the clothing is loose fitting but not too loose that they get caught on nails sticking out from boards or other protrusions.

Work Boots

Flip flops and sneakers can have slippery bottoms. As you're trying to balance yourself on the beams, you could slip and fall. You may not get hurt, but if you fall hard enough, your foot could go right through the ceiling. The result is a big hole in your ceiling that needs repaired.

Wear work boots with a good amount of tread on the sole to prevent slippage. Work boots are specifically made to help you balance yourself on beams, and if the surface is wet from a roof leak, you'll be safer.

Anytime you need to repair a leaky roof, think about all the safety precautions necessary to complete the job without injury or the creation of more damage. Ask a roofing contractor like Save On Roofing for help if you don't feel comfortable climbing into the attic to repair the leak yourself, or for other tips and tricks to keep safe while performing roof repairs from the inside.


6 March 2015

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